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NOLOSE* is a vibrant community of

fat queers and our allies,
with a shared commitment to feminist, anti-oppression ideology and action,
seeking to end the oppression of fat people!

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>> Announcing NOLOSE 2013: Survival of the Fattest! When you're the fattest one in the room—whether the room is a community, workplace, classroom, social setting, family event, or NOLOSE itself—you've no doubt got stories to tell. Let's get down to the roots of activism: swapping survival skills, doing it ourselves, and centering the experiences of those facing intersecting oppressions. And let's pass the mic to superfat folks, who bear the burden of so many other NOLOSErs' fears and anxieties, and who so often get left behind when fatties try to prove we're "just like everyone else." We survive as individuals, but we thrive as a community of fat and queer revolutionaries. We leave nobody behind.

We're thrilled to announce that this year's keynote will contain a panel of some of the most inspiring, thoughtful, and radical fatties you've ever met. You don't want to miss it! The lineup: TaMeicka Clear, Sharonmelissa Fresh, Romham Gallacher, Brenda Jones, and Sondra Solovay! The panel will be moderated by the incomparable Naima Lowe. More info to come on all of this; stay tuned!

Come fatten up the Pacific Northwest with us. Laugh, learn, cry, get mad, and disrupt the fat-hating status quo. It doesn't get much fatter than this.

>> Please read our community agreements, to which all conference attendees agree in order to attend. We also have a gender and attendance policy in place. Feel free to email feedback at nolose dot org with feedback, thoughts, and how you feel we can best support the current and future community that is NOLOSE.

>> NOLOSE 2012: Fat Strikes Back! Thanks to everyone who made last year's conference so amazing! NOLOSE: FAT STRIKES BACK was thought- and laughter-provoking, challenging, thrilling, and fun. We're grateful to all the volunteers, workshop presenters, caucus leaders, and attendees who continue to make each year's conference wonderful. Thank you!

>> We've posted an independent group's response to white fat activism from People of Color in the fat justice movement; read it here.

>> We've got new board members! In 2012, we welcomed Rebecca Weinberger from Brooklyn, NY, Amithyst Fist from Portland, OR, and Alex Gino from Oakland, CA, to the NOLOSE Board of Directors.



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*NOLOSE started out as the National Organizations for Lesbians of SizE before expanding scope to a broader community of all genders, bound by a common queer, feminist, and fat-positive ideology.

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