nolose: the conference for fat lesbians, dykes, bi-women, trans folks, and our queer allies
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Newark Airport Marriott
July 15-17, 2005
Newark, NJ

Performers: show us your stuff!

We know that we attract a dynamic, diverse crowd of many talents. Are you a performer or performance artist? Do you sing, dance, write, or have other interpretive art that you want to share with NOLOSE?

We're having a showcase on Sunday, July 17, and would love to give you the stage for your 15 minutes of fame. Please just submit the form below telling us how to reach you, and what your ideas for performing are, along with any other information that you might find relevant (are you in any bands? are you part of a dance troupe? Are you our next American Idol?).

Deadline for proposals is June 1, 2005.

Please note that we will likely only have microphones available for AV equipment.

Any questions? Just ask

Performers' Showcase Application

First name: 
Last name: 
Address (con.):
Postal Code: 
Primary Phone: 
What will you be performing? Please mention any relevant experience.

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