n o l o s e 2006: registration info
nolose: the conference for fat lesbians, dykes, bi-women, trans folks, and our queer allies

Menla Mountain Retreat
September 1-3, 2006
Phoenicia, New York

Last Minute Stuff

Quick link: accommodations & travel

1. WHEN TO GET THERE? We'd love your fat ass there as early as you can bring it! You can start arriving and checking in Friday 9/1 from 2pm on. It's gorgeous there! Come hang out! There will be swimming, crafts, hanging out and playing games outside, fat recess... Dinner will be served at 7:30, so we'd really like to encourage everyone to arrive by 7 if at all possible. It isn't a hotel environment, and we will have other activities going on, so it's hard to coordinate late arrivals. If you expect to be arriving late, please contact max@nolose.org to let her know in advance. We can try and have things ready for you, including snacks.

2. NO CELL RECEPTION! Yes, if you haven't heard and didn't notice, there will definitely be no cell reception. Feel free to bring tin cans and a string to ring up your buddy, or make good use of the bulletin board. There is wi-fi access in the Nalanda Cafe, but your phones will definitely not be getting service. Please bring a phone card if you need to use public phones in the Menla office.

3. NEED EXTRA NIGHTS? You can, if need be, extend your stay at Menla on Thursday and/or Sunday night at $60 per person, per night (regardless of room type/camping). Please note that *we cannot arrange for any additional meals*, so if you're staying extra nights, you should plan on bringing enough food or being able to drive into town (where there isn't much available late at night). Our NOLOSE meals will be provided: Friday night dinner at 7:30 p.m.; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Sat.; and Sunday breakfast and lunch (1:30). There is a Nalanda Cafe (with wi-fi!) on the premises that sells organic juices, coffee, tea and snacks; but this is also not open late at night.

If you'd like to register to stay on Thursday and/or Sunday, please contact our registration guru, Max: max@nolose.org

4. SHUTTLING. The gorgeous Menla grounds are pretty spread out. Though we've allowed time in between activities and meals for getting around, and all activities are accessible by parking lots, WE COULD REALLY USE AS MANY VOLUNTEERS AS POSSIBLE offering rides between activities. There is a one-way loop/drive that hits all of the main parking lots. If you're driving to the retreat and are willing, would you please volunteer to make the loop at least a few times over the weekend and offer rides to people? That would make life so much easier for so many people.

If you'll be available to offer rides for at least part of the weekend, please contact robin@nolose.org

5. WHAT TO BRING? The weather, on average, has been gorgeous there: warm during the days (high of 77); cool at nights (in the 50s). So definitely bring layers of clothing. Also, we recommend that you bring:


a) If you are allergic to down comforters and require an alternative, please let Holly know (hhholiday@aol.com) ASAP so she can make arrangements with Menla.

b) If you are heat sensitive--even though it is cooler in the mountains, and cools off especially at night/mornings, the buildings in Menla aren't air conditioned. If you're sensitive to heat and need to bring electric fans, we encourage it.

c) We needed to use all of our stairs-free rooms to put people in, so weren't able to secure private rooms to throw any play parties or spin-the-bottle parties this year. :-( That said, we are *highly* encouraging people to throw their own late night activities and let people know. We will also have a message board/central info area for spreading the word!

d) Interested in signing up for an early morning Create-your-own Workshop or Caucus? We have some available both Sat. and Sun. mornings. Please sign up on Friday night so we can spread the word of what you're planning!

7. VOLUNTEER! We need you. We want you. We can't get enough of you. Everything at NOLOSE is volunteer run, including the event itself. Volunteering is a great way to make the event--and community-- more of what you'd like it to be. Drop robin@nolose.org a line if you're able to help out either before or at the retreat!

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