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NOLOSE 2008 Financial Assistance & Scholarships

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Update: the application deadline for the first round of offers has passed. As of August 26, all Financial Assistance has been awarded and accepted, and the application process for assistance has closed. If you have been waiting to hear back, please e-mail cristy at nolose.org.

About Financial Assistance (FA):
We are doing something different this year: we’re basing FA on the U.S. federal poverty guidelines. We will compare your individual income with 125% of the federal poverty guidelines for a family of four, which is $26,500. If your (individual) annual income is more than $26,500, we will not award you financial aid.

NOLOSE recognizes that the Federal Poverty guideline for a family of four is a highly flawed measure of poverty and would be hard for even one person to live on in many areas. Despite its limitations, this cut-off is is designed to make the FA process as objective and egalitarian as possible, and to ensure that FA goes to the people who need it most. Available FA will be awarded to qualified applicants according to need.

NOLOSE works hard to provide a quality conference while keeping costs low, and has many individuals to thank for raising funds to bring people who would not otherwise be able to attend. In the past, NOLOSE has tried to offer FA to as many of our community members as possible (60% last conference). However, subsidizing a majority of our attendees is not a fiscally sustainable solution for our organization. Nor is everyone equally entitled to FA. We want to make sure that FA is available to help make attending this and next years’ conferences feasible for those truly living in poverty, and hope that individuals who make a fair to moderate income (i.e., who can afford other non-essential goods and services) will plan accordingly.

For more information on NOLOSE ‘08 budgets (including FA available), please see our conference financials page.

More FA info: what, when, how and how much?
1) We ask that everyone receiving FA contribute at least $50 toward their registration this year.
2) We will start making FA offers after July 1st. To secure aid, you will need to pay the $50 minimum by Aug. 1st. The remaining balance will be due Sept. 1. FA applications that we receive after July 1 will depend on future fundraising efforts and availability of funding, so please apply early for your best chances.

New! Scholarships
This year, we are offering free registration to 10 people in historically underrepresented groups in our community.

We will offer scholarships to two individuals in each of the following groups: people of color, people with disabilities, supersized people, people over 50 and trans people. When you register, you are encouraged to apply for a scholarship if you belong to one or more of these underrepresented groups. These registration scholarships are available regardless of applicants’ income level.

The 10 scholarships cover conference registration fees only; travel and hotel expenses are still the responsibility of the attendee. Please note that those in need should also apply for Financial Assistance (FA) to ensure better chances of aid, but scholarship awardees will not receive additional FA (which applies toward registration fees only).

Any questions? Contact cristy@nolose.org.

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