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nolose: the conference for fat lesbians, dykes, bi-women, trans folks, and our queer allies

NOLOSE 2008 Conference
September 26-28
Clarion Hotel, Northampton, Mass.

2008 Final Program

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Welcome to NOLOSE 2008! More Than Just Fat*: The Intersection of All of Our Identities

So what does the "intersection" of our identities mean?

We are all more than just fat. We all occupy multiple places in the spectrum of humanity, and each one of our different identities shapes and impacts all of the others. At this year's conference, we want to focus on how we bring our fat to our other identities and how we bring our other identities to our fat. How do we embrace and find value in the multiple perspectives and backgrounds that we bring to the table? How do we make space for those who are different from ourselves in the fat liberation movement? And how do we get others to make space for us? How do we stand as allies to those who are marginalized and discriminated against in ways that we are not? How do we link fat activism to other movements for social and economic justice?

This weekend, several caucuses and workshops will be speaking to this theme. However, we don't want the conversations to stop there. We encourage you to continue talking over meals, on breaks, in your room, at the pool and throughout the weekend?and beyond the conference, into your daily life! We are only one conference with a limited amount of programming time, but want to keep the conversation going. We want NOLOSE to be a place where we can bring all of who we are to the table and talk about our differences and how they impact the ways in which we experience fat. Where we figure out together how to continue to build a dynamic, nuanced movement that addresses fat phobia as fundamentally connected to other oppressions and to the broader movement for social and economic justice. In order to make this happen, we need all of our voices.

We encourage everyone to give this good thought throughout the weekend, and to you lend your voice. We're also here to feed each other. We're here to learn from each other and swap our amazing resources. We're here to celebrate, to dance and flirt and debate and organize. To sex it up and frolic and eat great food and be silly and push our own limits and make mistakes and get it on. We're here to figure some things out about ourselves, what we want from each other, where we fall short, what we have to offer to the communities we're a part of, and the communities that we're trying to build. So let's get started!

Thanks for being here. And for all you do, every day.

Big fat love,
The NOLOSE Board

* More than just fat is the official tagline of Phat Camp, an innovative, body empowerment project for youth.

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