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Registration Payment

Thanks! —we've received your registration submission. Almost done!

>> If you are paying for registration by check/postal mail: You will not be registered until payment is received. We will hold your registration info for 2 weeks, but your spot will not be reserved until an initial payment is received. You will receive confirmation upon receipt.

1) Please make checks payable to: NOLOSE
2)*Important:* please write the name of all registrants you're paying for on the check!
3) Send checks to:

NOLOSE 2008 Registration
8727 Thermal St.
Oakland, CA 94605

>> To pay online by credit/debit/paypal (including paypal check):

There is an additional $10 fee per registration to use Paypal, which will automatically appear as a shipping/processing fee. Please click on the buttons according to your total (registration + donations).

To pay for new registrations:

Standard rate :
Alternative amount / donation:


To pay for your registration submitted before Aug. 28 (Earlybird rates/sliding scale. Please pay total as entered on your form):

Top level:
Medium level:
Minimum level:
Alternative amount / donation:

Cancellation policy: refundable in full (minus any online Paypal fees) on cancellations through August 28. After Aug. 28, we can only refund 75%.

>> Hotel reservations: don't forget to make reservations directly with the hotel! For more information, please see our housing and travel page.

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Any questions? Contact reg@nolose.org.

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