n o l o s e 2011: registration info
nolose: the conference for fat lesbians, dykes, bi-women, trans folks, and our queer allies

Financial Documentation

Conference budget:
These are our projected expenses based on minimum attendance of 130 people for the full conference as compared with 150 people (including a minimum of 20 day passes) attending Friday and 180 people (including a minimum 50 day passes) attending Saturday:

Full 3 days
(based on 130 people)*
Fri-only expenses
(based on 150 people)*
Sat-only expenses
(based on 180 people)*
outside catering $13,650.00 $3,600.00 $2,070.00
hotel banquet & facilities $6,500.00 $1,000.00 $4,500.00
tent $500.00 $166.67 $166.67
admin (inc. printing & hospitality) $3,710.00 $2,840.00 $3,770.00
a/v $1,000.00 $333.33 $333.33
outreach $2,000.00 $666.67 $666.67
programming $2,000.00 $666.67 $666.67
total $29,360.00 $9,273.34 $12,173.34
cost per person $225.85 $61.82 $67.63

*Cost estimates are cumulative and based on minimum attendance estimates; they are not based on the maximum attendance cap. 

Conference budget FAQ's:

1) Why do we have to have catering? Isn't it cheaper to let us take care of getting our own food?

Yes! The conference would be considerably less expensive without catering, as you can see from the cost breakdown. Because we are committed to making our conference as accessible as possible to people with accessibility needs and mobility challenges, we find it imperative to provide access to food throughout the weekend without requiring attendees to go off-site. It takes considerable time and coordination for many people with mobility issues to leave, acquire food, and return; we would rather build in access and convenience and use that time for conference programming! We evaluated venues that had more on-site food options—which, in Oakland, were quite spread out and also expensive. As a compromise to keep registration costs down for all, we only included catering where necessary and priced out "optional" boxed lunches separately for Friday and Saturday, which people can pre-purchase if they choose to, while giving people the option of making other arrangements for those meals.

We're excited to have chosen a venue with comparatively very low room rates to help offset overall expenses. Comparable room rates for the area are at least $30 more per night! (We're also excited about the venue because of having it all to ourselves, being able to provide gender-neutral access, and because it has a compact, easy-to-navigate layout.)

2) Why should I register for the whole conference when 1-day passes are so much cheaper?

Well, you're not going to get a full 3-day immersive experience in just one day; especially with all of the amazing programming over 3 days and the experience of staying onsite. But we do realize that not everyone can attend the full conference, or even know if the conference is for them. This is our first time having this conference on the West Coast. We want as many people from the local community to be able to attend as possible! That said, we have to cap day-pass attendance to 50 for Friday and 50 for Saturday. (Only 1 one day-pass allowed per person.) If you would like to attend for more than 1 day (you know you do!) and cannot afford to register for the full conference, we encourage you to apply for financial assistance and scholarships as soon as possible.

Conference expenses cost more for the full 3 days than for any 1 day of the conference; but we are committed to keeping registration costs as low as possible. We are keeping 1-day passes close to actual cost instead of averaging out expenses and charging a third.

Financial Assistance/Scholarship Budget for 2010 conference:

FA budget: $11,100
Scholarships: $ 2,400
Total to be allocated: $13,500
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