NOLOSE Community Agreements
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NOLOSE Community Agreements

These community agreements exist to clarify and frame the expectations of all NOLOSE community members working together to create vibrant fat queer culture and end the oppression of fat people. They have been created by the NOLOSE Board of Directors, based on input and feedback from conference attendees and like-minded organizations.

We encourage and support a space that ceners the voices and experiences of historically underrepresented individuals, where people utilize active listening techniques, take care of their own needs, learn self-identified differences between being unsafe and being uncomfortable, and participate in community with a willingness to challenge personal privilege undefensively.

Based on our core values of accountability, consciousness raising, radical coalition building, compassion, imagination, and strength, these agreements aim to assist in creating a space where authentic relationships can be built, growth can occur, and change on a community, societal, and world level can take root.


NOLOSE conference attendees, presenters, visitors, and board members agree to respect one another's physical space and bodies, as well as personal belongings, by asking for and receiving explicit consent before physically touching another person or their belongings. (Exception: some attendees may have established relationships and understandings around touch and boundaries with each other, where consent has been granted previously.)


We employ a "move up, move back" strategy in group discussions:

In both group and interpersonal communication, we ask that everyone engage in active, respectful listening. Speaking up among new friends/acquaintances can be challenging for some, and we all deserve complete attention. Some components of active listening:


For many NOLOSE attendees, the conference is a time to enjoy flirtatious fun and sexuality. For others, that same flirtation and sexualization may be unwanted and create an uncomfortable and/or unwelcoming environment.

Identity and Being an Ally

At NOLOSE, we work to hold space for people of all genders and backgrounds with shared and overlapping ideologies around fat-positivity, queer-positivity, and feminism; with equal importance, we share a commitment to fighting racism, sizeism, colonialism, misogyny, classism, heterosexism, ableism, healthism, ageism, and transphobia. The difficult work of dismantling these overlapping oppressions is integral to our work as a fat-positive, queer organization. We ask that everyone work to be an ally to others at the conference. (Please see "How to be an Ally": for more information.)

Boundaries and Self-Care


Together, we create and uphold an environment of loving accountability. Everyone plays an important role in this, whether through ally work (see above), obtaining consent, or any number of other things. We ask that all attendees advocate for themselves whenever possible, and solicit support from the NOLOSE board when needed.

If a violation of the NOLOSE Behavior Guidelines around consent, touch, flirtation, and/or harassment is reported to have taken place, regardless of the genders of those involved, the following will take place:


I have read and understand the NOLOSE Community Agreements, and will hold myself accountable to them as described above. I acknowledge that if I am in violation of these agreements, I may be asked to take action, which could include changing my behavior, taking part in an accountability process, and/or leaving the conference. I acknowledge that if I am asked to leave the conference for violation of these community agreements, I will not be refunded any payment made to NOLOSE.

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