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NOLOSE* is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to ending the oppression of fat people and creating vibrant fat queer culture. In the activist and empowerment work that we do, we envision a world:

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We are an entirely volunteer-run, nonprofit charitable organization. We are looking to expand to other programming, in addition to keeping our annual conference affordable and accessible to all.

We need your help! Please click on the button below to make your charitable, tax-deductible contribution. Any donation you make will make a difference in keeping us going. As a 501(c)(3), all donations to NOLOSE are tax-deductible.

Checks are also welcome! Please make them out to NOLOSE and send to: NOLOSE, P.O. Box 5475, Oakland, CA 94605.


We also need your time, creativity and ideas. Have a juicy project? Want to get involved?

NOLOSE Board Members

Galadriel Mozee, Co-President, Portland, OR
Abby Weintraub, Co-President, Oakland, CA
Rachel Kacenjar, Treasurer, Cleveland, OH
Rebecca Weinberger, Secretary, Brooklyn, NY
Alex Gino, Oakland, CA
Amithyst Fist, Portland, OR
Joe Libin, Oakland, CA
Sondra, Oakland, CA

*NOLOSE: all genders, with a shared ideology

NOLOSE started out as the National Organization for Lesbians of SizE. As the years passed and the organization grew, we changed our mission to include not only a broader community of queer women—dykes, lesbians and bisexual women, including transgender women—but also transgender people overall.

After a while, it became clear that this identity-based attendance rule was no longer working for the majority of the NOLOSE community. After much facilitated discussion and careful thought, the NOLOSE Board of Directors decided that participation in the NOLOSE community and attendance at the annual NOLOSE Conference would no longer be identity-based; we now welcome all who share an ideological and activist commitment to fat and queer liberation, as well as anti-oppression politics in general. For more information, please see our gender policy, announced and posted in July 2011. In effect, this policy means that all genders and identities will be welcome at future NOLOSE conferences.

We also want to make clear that while our policy is inclusive of all genders, NOLOSE (both as an organization and as a community) has a long way to go before we're truly trans-inclusive in practice. Therefore, we suggest several things which we think will help shift the dynamics of our conference and community to be more inclusive:

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